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Thursday, June 30, 2011


grandpa pat and grandma 'zona

Yup, she's even got the mug shot to go with the incarceration! :)
Love you all!

grandpa pat and grandma 'zona

She'll have a full book of famous quotes by her tenth birthday. We need to get a picture of her with a turkey too. Love, Dad


That's for sure--on both the mug shot & famous quotes!


To just continue the story: after she had her "couple minutes," she told us that the reason why she has such a hard time being respectful is because her Ema makes us grill all the time. You see, as Mad was spinning around in her "think it over" chair, she kept kicking her foot on a bag of charcoal. Apparently, if we didn't grill once a week, she would be able to control herself. Lol.

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