> Summer Fun 2008

Flowers at grandma's
Flower's at grandma's2
Grandma dee dee's patio
Wild woman hair
Wild woman hair2
Watering flowers
Watering irises
Watering watering
Hanging with baba
The traditional walking of the patio wall
Rockband queen
Little drummer girl
Little drummer girl2
Mad and gus
Sweet gus
Mad in a dress just like gus's
Slightly ornery--perhaps
Fish face
Pure silliness
Dancing queen
Dancing diva, anyone
Dancer in too-big skirt
Going to her first dance class
Silliness again
Help, get me out of these things
Water and music fun
Mad & marti
Finally, the pool
Splashing grandma dee dee
Holding hands
Don't blink!
Sweet elephants
Mama and baby
A very cute baby
Enough with the elephants, where is the alligator
Sweet sea lion
Checking out the sealions
There's no alligator in here, folks
Awww, i love penguins--they are not PENGUINOS
Swan babies
Finally, an alligator
Her best alligator friend in the whole wide world, ever